Gambler's Chest Expansion

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Brand new monsters stalk the darkness

Crimson Crocodile

Devours the introduction's White Lion, a significantly more challenging foe for the newly awakened survivors. Feeding on the feeble fear of the vulnerable survivor. Overcome its deadly defenses before it makes a meal of your terrified survivors.

Smog Singers

Encountered in place of the Screaming Antelope. Docile creatures that mean no harm but cause massive carnage with their strange music.

Atnas, the Child Eater

It visits in place of the King’s Man. A horrifying presence that cannot be remembered. The rotting, insane remains of a once great swordsman. Its broken memories menace the settlement.

The King

Arrives in the golden years of your settlement. Whether your settlement limps along or flourishes, the awaited one appears to devour reality.


Exclusively found in the People of the Dream Keeper campaign. Arc survivors huddle under its auspices until they must come face to face to face with the culmination of its schemes.


Suspiciously observing the settlement, the Godhand's cleansing wrath is the finale of your story.

Arc survivors, a deviant strain

Ponder the world

To make sense of their intense awareness, arc survivors create philosophies to make order from chaos.

Philosophies are a new way that experience affects survivor progress. At the start, each philosophy sets out the core values that guide each believers. With time and experience each worldview develops according to its own twisting logic.

Philosophies are presented in booklets, rich with emotional artwork that accompanies each outlook as it matures to its final form.

Knowledge is power

Philosophies birth knowledge. Gleaned through the lense of their worldview, knowledge is a powerful weapon against the darkness

Share, level up, and transform knowledge. The legacy of knowledge endures in the settlement beyond death, survivors die but their discoveries live on.

Survivors gain knowledge depicted on illustrated knowledge cards. Knowledges benefit from experience, the more survivors observe the more powerful the become.

Collective cognition

Arc survivors are uniquely equipped to digest their conquests into useful faculties.

The efforts of the haggard hunting survivors benefit the entire settlement's collective cogntion.

The tougher the victory, the richer the rewards. Defeated monsters offer a unique collection of benefits to your civilization.

Play arc survivors in the People of the Dream Keeper campaign (included in this expansion) or replace survivors in your core game and other Monster expansions.

new dangers on the hunt

Bone Eater Encounter Monsters

If the perils of the hunt were not dangerous enough, a new enemy stalks the survivors as they stalk their prey.

Add encounter monsters to your hunt to fight a mini-showdown with a pack of unrelenting Bone Eaters. A variant of the showdown with new encounter monster mechanics and the potential for truimph or ruin before you even reach your quarry.

Add encounters to any campaign!

new consequences of death

Scouts of Death

Increase the difficulty of your campaign by adding scouts.

Recovering gear from a disastrous battle is no longer a guarantee. Traveling beside the survivors, it is the scout's job to ensure that the survivors do not track monsters back to the settlement. If the others perish, the scout will attempt to salvage their stuff. If they are victorious, the scout may find opportunities to glean useful information for future battles. 

Scouts can be added to any core game campaign to ratchet up the difficulty and increase your immersion!

build wild new stuff

Seed Patterns take root

Generative energy seeps from the Drafting Table. Add the seeds of inspiration to your campaign and grow them into outlandish new gear.

allies or exiles

Stranger in the dark

Out of the darkness, wanderers appear. They will remain in your settlement long enough to tell their story before they disappear, leaving behind a memory, or perhaps something more.

enduring legacy

Quirky Characters

Tackling the People of the Dream Keeper campaign will unlock the final Gambler's Chest component, Characters. The legacy of your survivors is etched in stone, new survivors inheriting their unique traits. The Gambler's Chest includes 46 vivid narrative sculptures representing these archetypes. Use them any time in place of your survivors.

Play it all in one campaign

People of the Dream Keeper

Weaving together all the independent elements of the Gambler's Chest expansion, the People of the Dream Keeper campaign tells a radical new story. Survivors are thrown from their slumber by the slavering Crimson Crocodile. If they survive its onsalught, they seek refuge at the feet of a motionless entity hoisting a massive ball of snoring bodies.

Play from the first crimson day to the final reckoning with the conniving god of games. Evocatively illustrated story events included in the hardbound rulebook tell the story of the arc survivors building their settlement around the Dream Keeper as its schemes unfold.

Component List


  • Atnas the Child-Eater
  • The Gambler
  • Godhand
  • Crimson Crocodile
  • Smog Singers
  • Bone Eaters (Encounter Monsters)
  • The King

Armor Kits

  • Crimson Crocodile Armor (4 miniatures)
  • Smog Singer Armor (4 miniatures)
  • Death King Armor (4 miniatures)

Narrative Sculptures

  • White Fang
  • Last Axeman Standing
  • Scouts of Death (2 Models, Male + Female)
  • Murderer
  • Bowmaster of Deadrock
  • Bloody Sword of Deadrock
  • Dark Eye
  • Romantic Adventurer
  • Screaming Hoarder
  • Cockroach Queen
  • Beast Hunter Armor
  • Mad & Mighty Striker
  • Bone Eater
  • Bright Knives
  • Father & Son (2 Models)
  • Cursed Spear
  • Sprinter Armor
  • Honorable Berserker
  • Romantic Leyline Walker
  • Axerman Family (3 Models)
  • Clever Strategist
  • Popular Guy
  • Imitation Butcher Armor
  • Herb Gatherer
  • Dead Survivor
  • Tough Guy
  • Magma Masochist
  • Shadowstalker
  • Champion of the Goblin

Promotional Miniatures

  • Nightmare Adam
  • Anna, Gourmet Hunter
  • Sci-Fi Aya
  • Neko Twilight Knight

New Rules

  • Philosophy System
  • Scout System
  • Pattern & Seed Pattern System
  • Encounter System
  • Wanderer System
  • Character System

New Campaign

30 Lantern Year "People of the Dreamkeeper" Campaign


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