Vignette of Death: Killennium Butcher

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The Wish Seekers


Unfaltering idealist.


Ultimate survivor.


Indestructible emptiness.


Buried secrets.

inductive rage

Wish Upon a Frozen Star

Once every 1,000 lantern years the Butcher's sublimated awareness resurfaces. It entreats the frozen star to grant one wish.

Four wish seekers journey to steal the wish from the maw of the monster. A foe that is never more dangerous than at the dawning of the new killennium.


Chilling Rage

Confront the inductive rage of the Killennium Butcher to unlock its menace in your future Kingdom Death: Monster campaigns.

New extremes of rage, represented by AI and HL cards and all new Passive Aggression rules.

+ Passive Aggression rules
+ 3 AI cards
+1 HL card
+1 Basic action / data card

Time worn characters

Ready to Depart

Discover each wish seeker's strengths and weaknesses by challenging the monster with their unique gear and skills.

Each wish seeker comes with a ready-to-play gear grid and vignette card to guide you in creating their survivor.

branching aftermath

8 Endings to Your Story

After blood is spilled the frozen star will hear the victors.

Who is left alive at the end of your showdown with the Killennium Butcher determines how your story ends.

Play again and again to reach all 8 endings.

reach new milestones

Transform Your Campaigns

Explore the highs and lows of the vignette to unlock strain milestones.

As you achieve them, strain milestones will fill your Monster settlement with echoes of the vignette or transport the Killennium Butcher to menace your settlement's survivors.

+2 Strain Milestones
+1 Terrain
+6 Rare Gear cards.
+Cleaver proficiency.

Studio Favorites

+2 of the Finest Survivors

These bonus survivors are coveted at the studio game table.

Originally sculpted for the joy of artwork, they fit well in any settlement where the Killennium Butcher might flay your face to decorate its lanterns.



Vignettes of Death require a Monster core game to play. You will use components from the Butcher to transform the monster into the Killennium Butcher.

Butcher is a node 1 nemesis monster, Monster campaigns that include the Butcher can now face the Killennium Butcher with increased challenges and increased rewards.

Component List

1 x 35 page vignette rulebook

3 x Miniatures sprues

1 x 100mm Base

4 x 30mm Bases

1 x Basic Action / Data card 

3 x Killennium Butcher AI cards

1 x Killennium Butcher Trap! card 

1 x Passive Aggression panel

4 x Vignette Survivor cards

4 x Gear Grids 

1 x Survivor Status card 

2 x Armor Set Bonus cards

2 x Strain cards 

1 x Strange resource card

6 x Rare Gear cards 

1 x Terrain card

1 x Terrain tile

1 x Novel Weapon Proficiency card


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