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Gambler's Chest Expansion
Gambler's Chest Expansion
Gambler's Chest Expansion
Gambler's Chest Expansion

Gambler's Chest Expansion

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The most ambitious use of the word expansion, the Gambler's Chest is many expansions in one. Change the rules!

  • Hunt and fight new monsters.
  • Play as a variant strain of survivors with new ways to grow and power to chase.
  • Change the rules!
  • Increase the danger of the hunt with Encounter Monsters.
  • Add new difficulty with Scouts.
  • Find new ways to craft gear with Seed Patterns.
  • Meet visitors in your settlement with Wanderers, their stories intertwine with yours.
  • Create new Characters with enduring appeal.

Add your favorite components to any game or tackle them all in a brand new campaign story, People of the Dream Keeper.

Gambler's Chest Contents:


  • Atnas the Child-Eater
  • The Gambler
  • Godhand
  • Crimson Crocodile
  • Smog Singers
  • Bone Eaters (Encounter Monsters)
  • The King

Armor Kits

  • Crimson Crocodile Armor (4 miniatures)
  • Smog Singer Armor (4 miniatures)
  • Death King Armor (4 miniatures)

Narrative Sculptures

  • White Fang
  • Last Axeman Standing
  • Scouts of Death (2 Models, Male + Female)
  • Murderer
  • Bowmaster of Deadrock
  • Bloody Sword of Deadrock
  • Dark Eye
  • Romantic Adventurer
  • Screaming Hoarder
  • Cockroach Queen
  • Beast Hunter Armor
  • Mad & Mighty Striker
  • Bone Eater
  • Bright Knives
  • Father & Son (2 Models)
  • Cursed Spear
  • Sprinter Armor
  • Honorable Berserker
  • Romantic Leyline Walker
  • Axerman Family (3 Models)
  • Clever Strategist
  • Popular Guy
  • Imitation Butcher Armor
  • Herb Gatherer
  • Dead Survivor
  • Tough Guy
  • Magma Masochist
  • Shadowstalker
  • Champion of the Goblin

Promotional Miniatures

  • Nightmare Adam
  • Anna, Gourmet Hunter
  • Sci-Fi Aya
  • Neko Twilight Knight

New Rules

  • Philosophy System
  • Scout System
  • Pattern & Seed Pattern System
  • Encounter System
  • Wanderer System
  • Character System

New Campaign

30 Lantern Year "People of the Dreamkeeper" Campaign


Gambler's Chest Expansion
Gambler's Chest Expansion

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