Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5






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19 lbs of Nightmare Horror Gaming

235 page hardcover rulebook, 18 hard plastic sprues of miniatures, 1000+ matte game cards, 400+ unique pieces of art, and 86 full page illustrations.

Kingdom Death: Monster is a fully cooperative, tabletop, hobby game experience. Unite to survive by hunting monsters and collectively guiding the development of your settlement through a 30 year, self-running campaign.

Every decision matters. A space moved during the showdown, every resource spent to craft a piece of gear, what principles your settlement upholds - all can have lasting impact on this highly replayable and challenging game. 

Campaign System
Embark alone or with up to 4 friends (6 with game variant) on a 30 lantern year campaign. Each lantern year will cycle through a chaotic hunt, a showdown with a monster, and the development of your settlement. With so much emphasis on player choice, no two campaign runs will be alike.

Monster AI System
You will fight 8 monsters, each controlled by their own pair of decks that scale to 3 levels of difficulty. (Except for the final encounter, it has only 1 level and it's HARD!) Every encounter, even with the same monster, is diverse and valuable. No two showdowns will resolve the same way. Players will have to plan their gear and keep their minds sharp to prevail.

Gear System
In Monster, survivors will craft gear using resources earned from defeating monsters or found on their hunt. Each survivor has a gear grid, and can slot up to 9 pieces of gear at a time. What gear you will carry and how you arrange it can unlock advantages that may make the difference between life and death.

Story Event System
You will encounter 40+ story events that will shape the story of your unique campaign. Your settlement's decisions and discoveries affect how the story events unfold. Story Events cover everything from setting up and fighting a monster to dramatic turning points in your settlements history. 

Kingdom Death: Monster Contents

1 x Hardcover Rule Book - 11" x 8.5" 235 Pages.
1 x Showdown Board - 2' x 3' ( Heavy 3mm Game Board Matte )
1 x Hunt / Settlement Board ( Heavy 3mm Game Board Matte )
2 x Token Sheet - 127 Tokens
1 x Terrain Token Sheet - 31 Terrain Tiles
1 x Monster Controller Panel
4 x Gear Grids
1 x Character Record Sheet Pad ( 50 Sheets, 6"x6")
1 x Settlement Record Sheet Pad ( 50 Sheets, 8.5" x 11")
5 x 10 sided black Kingdom Death dice
1 x 10 sided white Kingdom Death dice
4 x 6 sided Hit location dice
1 x 10 sided translucent orange Kingdom Death Death Die

    Kingdom Death: Monster Contents - Miniatures

    4 x Starting Survivors
    1 x White Lion
    1 x Butcher
    1 x Screaming Antelope
    1 x Kings Man
    1 x The Hand
    1 x Phoenix
    1 x Watcher
    1 x Gold Smoke Knight
    1 x Unarmored Armor Kit (Creates 4 Survivors.)
    1 x Rawhide Armor Kit (Creates 4 Survivors.)
    1 x Leather Armor Kit (Creates 4 Survivors.)
    1 x White Lion Armor Kit (Creates 4 Survivors.)
    1 x Screaming Fur Armor Kit (Creates 4 Survivors.)
    1 x Phoenix Armor Kit (Creates 4 Survivors.)
    1 x Lantern Armor Kit (Creates 4 Survivors.)
    4 x Bonus Mystery Miniatures
    4 x Starting Survivor Heads for Armor Kit customization
    9 x Assorted Survivor Heads for Armor Kit customization
    150+ Gear for Armor Kit customization (Every weapon in the game represented!)
    10+ Masks
    10 x Decorative Stone Face Base Inserts
    36 x Kingdom Death 30mm Base + Insert
    6 x Kingdom Death 50mm Base + Insert
    1 x Kingdom Death 100mm Base + Insert 


    Kingdom Death: Monster Contents 

    Standard Cards
    20 x Card Dividers
    1 x White Lion Data Card
    25 x White Lion AI Cards
    23 x White Lion HL Cards
    19 x White Lion Resource Cards
    8   x White Lion Hunt Event Cards
    1   x Screaming Antelope Data Card
    30 x Screaming Antelope AI Cards
    22 x Screaming Antelope HL Cards
    16 x Screaming Antelope Resource Cards
    9   x Screaming Antelope Hunt Event Cards
    1   x Phoenix Data Card
    31 x Phoenix AI Cards
    22 x Phoenix HL Cards
    24 x Phoenix Resource Cards
    9   x Phoenix Hunt Event Cards
    1   x Butcher Data Card
    30 x Butcher AI Cards
    15 x Butcher HL Cards
    1 x King's Man Data Card
    30 x King's Man AI Cards
    21 x King's Man HL Cards
    1   x The Hand Data Card
    23 x The Hand AI Cards
    17 x The Hand HL Cards
    1   x Watcher Data Cards
    27 x Watcher AI Cards
    25 x Watcher HL Cards
    1 x Gold Smoke Knight Data Card
    22 x Gold Smoke Knight AI Cards
    19 x Gold Smoke Knight Hit Location Cards
    12 x Basic Hunt Event Cards
    2 x Special Hunt Event Cards
    21 x Terrain Cards
    6   x Armor Set Cards
    18 x Universal Monster Cards
    12 x Weapon Specialization Cards
    12   x Secret Fighting Arts Cards
    20 x Fighting Arts Cards
    8   x Vermin Cards
    24 x Strange Resource Cards
    21 x Basic Resource Cards
    23 x Disorder Cards
    42 x Innovation Cards


    Gear Cards

    14 x Gard Card Dividers
    12 x Starting Gear Cards
    24 x Bone Smith Gear Cards
    24 x Skinnery Gear Cards
    18 x Organ Grinder Gear Cards
    21 x Leather Worker Gear Cards
    22 x Barber Surgeon Gear Cards
    46 x Catarium Gear Cards
    40 x Stone Circle Gear Cards
    20 x Rare Gear Cards
    6  x Mask Maker Gear Cards
    40 x Blacksmith Gear Cards
    24 Exhausted Lantern Hoard
    45 Plumery Gear Cards

    20 x Settlement Event Cards ( 3.5" x 5.75")
    13 x Settlement Location Cards ( 8" x 4")