Sunstalker Expansion


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Once sky had no day. There was a Shadow that was sad, it could only play in small light of a lantern. The Shadow found a hole in the sky and decided to steal enough lanterns to fill it. It took many generations, and when it was done the shadow slept under its big light, dreaming dreams about how it would play. When it awoke, all of the light was gone! At the center of the hole in the sky, was a tiny shinning entity, with a great big mouth. The shadow named the tiny thing the sun and they played forever. 

A showdown with the Sunstalker will test players ability to position their survivors and make coordinated attacks. Making use of their own shadows to turn the tides of the battle. Its rewards grant new long range options and an evasive burst damage armor set, that is low on actual armor levels.

This expansion is designed to be added to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. It includes:

  • Sunstalker sprues (Sunstalker monster, Sunstalker Armor Kit, and People of the Sun Miniatures (Male & Female))
  • 51x Gear cards
  • 33x Sunstalker AI cards
  • 21x Sunstalker HL cards
  • 24x Sunstalker Resource cards
  • 8x Suntalker Hunt Event cards
  • 1x Terrain card
  • 2x Terrain tiles
  • 1x Solar Track
  • 3x Discorder cards
  • 5x Fighting Art cards
  • 3x Secret Farting Art cards
  • 7x Innovation cards
  • 2x Sunstalker card dividers
  • 7x Rare Gear
  • 1x Katana Specialization/Mastery card
  • 1x Cycloid Scale Armor Set card
  • 3x Settlement Locations