Savior - 40 Years

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Saviors are undaunted heroes, single minded and suicidally reckless in their quest to make a change in mankind's horrible existence. In their dreams Saviors visit the domain of the Ethereal Dreamer which grants them wondrous knowledge at a startling price. Tapping greater power causes their bodies to age rapidly. As they delve deeper into the collective dream they leave more of themselves behind. Mighty Saviors will grow frail and appear faded at their edges, vanishing slowly at the height of their power. The Savior ages represent their willful march toward oblivion. 

The 40 Year Savior has traded the vigor of youth for mighty deeds. She is a legend, word of her heroism precedes her and her arrival is a celebration. The soles of her feet are sooted from dream travel but her step is sure-footed and her trail turns sorrow to joy.

Art: Yasmine Putri
Sculpture: Yannick Hennebo

This Encore edition comes packaged in a kraft box including:
  • 1 x Resin Savior 40 years miniature
  • 1 x Hard plastic 30mm base and insert
  • Small concept art insert
  • Large print of the original concept artwork on heavy matte card stock.