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Adam loves Percival so much he had her sculpted twice! Enjoy a brand new interpretation of Percival!

Percival is a member of a small order called the Black Knights. The Black Knights were founded by a militaristic settlement that hoped to conqueror the darkness and provide a safe haven for humanity. A great crusade called the Black Knights into action and Percival left her home, never to be seen again. Before leaving, though, she commanded her loyal companion, a young puppy, to wait for her safe return. He still waits to this day.

Kingdom Death: Monster Expansion Content 
Percival's reissue includes a new secret fighting art from the Black Knight's order and a new basic hunt event that give the survivors an opportunity to learn this technique.

Art: Yasmine Putri
Sculpture: Jonah Gilbert


Presented in a litho-wrapped matte white box, Percival includes:

  • Hard plastic Percival
  • Kingdom Death 30mm hard plastic base and insert
  • Matte Art Print
  • Black Guard Style secret fighting art card for use in Monster
  • Dead Warrior basic hunt event card for use in Monster