Monster Core Game 1.6 Rulebook
Monster Core Game 1.6 Rulebook

Monster Core Game 1.6 Rulebook

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The Heart of Kingdom Death: Monster

Inside you'll find all the core rules of Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6, from creating survivors and running showdowns to doling out deadly gear and brain traumas. The First Story playable introduction gets you started, detailing how to use your Kingdom Death: Monsters miniatures and decks (not included) to launch into your first campaign. Easy-to-reference, colored-coded sections provide detailed rules, guiding you through game phases and mounting perils, while an expansive glossary and bound-in fabric bookmarks make reference a breeze. Alongside the rules, hundreds of pieces of color art, a prologue story, bonus comic, and over 40 story events and 100 hunt events create cinematic experiences as they reveal terrifying glimpses of the wider Kingdom Death world.

Whether you want to supplement your current game or take your first look at the 1.6 rules, the Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 Rulebook provides the beating heart of your next Kingdom Death: Monster game.

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 Rulebook Contents

  • Introduction
  • Prologue
  • First Story - Game Introduction
  • Survival Guide
  • Core Rules
    • Survivors
    • Monsters
    • Resources
    • Terrain
    • Hunt Phase
    • Showdown Phase
    • Settlement Phase
  • Severe Injuries
  • Brain Trauma
  • 100 Hunt Events
  • 40+ Story Events
  • Game Variants
  • Glossary

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