Black Knight Expansion

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Black knight citadel

Sanctuary Showdown

The citadel is a crumbling maze of dangers. Wheeling chaos awaits the challengers.

16 lavishly illustrated citadel showdown tiles create a unique citadel for each showdown. Reveal its dangers as you crash and creep through the unfolding labyrinth, leaving heaps of rubble behind.

Terminal Momentum

The citadel is packed with noble sculptures enthusiastically repaired by the hidden squires. The monster exploits their elastic structure to expel intruders from its domain.

Terrain tiles of artifacts and rubble transform the showdown as you careen through the delicate remains of a once-great order.

Falling Peril

The guardian deftly navigates the crumbling ruins while its foes careen, bounce, and plummet from its depths.

No safety awaits at the citadel's edge, only the whistling chill of shearing wind and nothingness below.

Sanctuary Secrets

While the guardian hounds your steps, explore the citadel for fresh advantages. Exploit the squire's adaptations for your own gain.

Each citadel configuration will present new combinations of obstacles and advantages.

plunder the treasure

Hushed Workshop

The lost artifice of the Black Knights slumbers in dust and cobwebs. Ransack the ruins to escape with the ancient order's gifts.

Discoveries with lasting utility: 11 rare gear, 15 pattern gear, armor set bonuses, fighting arts, and more.


Black Knight Nemesis

The Black Knight expansion requires a Monster core game to play.

Black Knight is a node 3 nemesis monster, Monster campaigns can replace the core game's Hand with the Black Knight's threat.

play the story

5 Lantern Year Squire Campaign

In addition to a nemesis monster that threatens your settlement, this expansion contains a 5 lantern year story about the squires of the citadel.

Squires care for the citadel's guardian, preserve the traditions of the Black Knight order, and maintain their noble home.

Despite the best days of the order dwindling behind them, four squires of the citadel struggle to uphold their duty. Suspicion poisons their fellowship. Variant monsters stand in their way.

Squires of the Citadel


Stalwart vanguard.


Master artisan.


Novice acolyte.



Squire's Story

The squire's story is told through 5 unique lantern years. Each lantern year contains a custom settlement, hunt, and showdown experiences crafted for the campaign.

This expansion includes Squires of the Citadel unique settlement record sheets, a stunningly illustrated section in the rulebook, new White Lion monster AI cards to modify your core game monster, and so much more!

Ready to Depart

This expansion provides vignette survivor cards, pre-printed gear grids, and thematic gear for each squire. Select a squire, grab their grid, and fill out a survivor record sheet using the unique attributes on each vignette survivor card.

Component List

3 x Black Knight plastic sprues

29 x Black Knight AI cards 

24 x Black Knight HL cards 

3 x Dividers

3 x Disorder cards

16 x Citadel showdown tiles

3 x Fighting Art cards

2 x Rubble terrain tile sheets 

2 x Secret Fighting Art cards

11 x Rare Gear cards

4 x Armor Set Bonus cards

2 x Tactics cards 

3 x Settlement Event cards

3 x Innovations 

4 x Terrain cards

15 x Black Knight Armor pattern cards 

15 x Black Knight Armor pattern gear cards

4 x Squire vignette cards 

4 x Squire Suspicion cards

4 x Squire Gear Grids 

3 x Mountain Lion AI cards

2 x Seed Pattern cards 

2 x Seed Pattern gear cards

1 x Collective Cognition Reward card 

3 x Knowledge cards


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