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The Thief is the result of a collaboration between Adam & Lokman, exploring some well established tropes in fantasy art. Originally intended as a small line of Generic Hero Classes, the results were so compelling and un-generic, each hero's appearance told so many exciting stories that we wanted to integrate them into the KD world but so far nothing concrete has emerged.

Maybe she is a frantic Savior's painting come to life. Or perhaps she comes from a small village at the center of a rainbow-hued swamp that absorbs the life of its inhabitants for generations before it awakes and paints a tapestry across the horizon. She could also be a renegade from a far developed Sun Stalker settlement. One day we'll set the record straight.


Art : Lokman Lam
Sculpture : Jacques-Alexandre Gillois

The Encore Edition is packed in a hand-stamped kraft box and includes:

  • 1 x Resin Thief
  • 1 x Resin Scenic Base + Plastic Kingdom Death 30mm Base Bottom 
  • 6" x 4" Matte Art Print
  • Character Card