Scissor Knight

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Collector's Edition: Limit 1 per customer.
Encore Edition: Limit 2 per customer.

Deep within the murk and mucus of the Cess Pond there is a broken knight. Blind and driven by waves of maniacal aggression, the Scissor Knight suffers an excruciating pain emanating from deep beneath the pond’s surface.

His large ancient scissors have thin, biting edges. Stained with the terra-ocular infection they are rumored to cause molecular mutations wherever the Scissor Knight decides to prune.

Victims who are unlucky enough to survive a meeting with the Knight’s shears suffer festering physical injuries arising from their unique psychic pain.

Art: Michael Chang
Sculpture: Thomas David

The First Run Collector's Edition, boxed in a hand-stamped kraft box and limited to 500 includes:

  • Resin Scissor Knight
  • 1 x Hard plastic Kingdom Death 50mm base and insert
  • Large Matte Art Print
  • Character Art Card
  • Hand Numbered Authenticity Note