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So great was Satan’s self-obsession that it split into twin hermaphrodite lovers to share the world with itself. They roam Kingdom Death, drunk with self-lust and power, trapped by their own vanity in fragile human frames. Their armor of living tongues shares the taste of the world between the twins. Satan is a vicious masochist, poisoning the minds of any it comes across. The pair is well hated by other entities, as they only seek to disrupt balance for their own satisfaction.

Satan was hand sculpted by Jacques Alexandre Gillois with the concept art by Lokman Lam.

The Encore Edition comes packaged in a hand-stamped kraft box including:

  • 1 x Satan Twin X
  • 1 x Satan Twin Y
  • 2 x Kingdom Death 30mm Base
  • 6" x 4” Double-sided Print of the Original Concept Artwork on heavy card stock.
  • Double-sided character Card