Pinup Weaponsmith


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The Cyclops Knight awards the black tuning fork to the best artisans of a generation. The Weaponsmith is chosen for her vitality and rude spark of creative energy that is reflected in the masterfully crafted, yet simply named, "Axe."

True to her audacious nature, this playful pinup incarnation of the Weaponsmith character class depicts the cheeky Weaponsmith as she would appear for a stuffy ceremonial painting. Such a bold gesture mocks the People of the Craft’s tradition of honoring their greatest artisans.

Artist: Lokman Lam

Sculpture: Jonah Gilbert

  • 1 x Resin Pinup Weaponsmith
  • 1 x Hard Plastic Kingdom Death 30mm Round Base & Insert
  • 6" x 4" Print of the Original Concept Artwork on heavy card stock.
  • Character Card