Variant Pinup Savior (Sculptor Edit)


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A variant of the Pinup Savior. This sculpt emerged as a joke between Adam and Jacques. When it was created, a deadline combined with a time crunch produced this version of the Pinup Savior with no skirt. Just a small batch was cast at that time and we are making them available now.

The Pinup Savior is a saucy re-imagining of the Savior character class.
Beautifully drawn concept by Lokman Lam and sculpted by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois.

Packaged in petite hand stamped kraft box including:

  • Resin Pinup Savior Miniature
  • Resin Kingdom Death base
  • Pinup Savior small concept art card
Check out the Pinup Savior's Project Page for more photos.

The Pinup Savior Variant is a special release and will only be available in this limited run.