Lion Knight 2nd


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Three brother generals command the vast armies of the Golden Entities domain. Each imbued with a different temperament and a strong will of their own. The middle brother is the most attached to the human industry and artistry. He cultivates a courtly civilized appearance and graceful swordsmanship, surrounding himself with human thralls allowing them to enjoy their short tragic existence in his awesome presence.

Concept : Danny Cruz
Sculpture : Juan Navarro Perez

This Encore Edition comes packaged in a hand stamped kraft box including:
  • 1 x Resin Lion Knight
  • 1 x Court - Stoic Seamstress
  • 1 x Court - The Silent Barterer
  • 1 x Court - The Impish Archivist
  • 1 x Unique 60mm Base
  • Character Card
  • 1x 6" x 4" Print of the original concept artwork on heavy card stock