Lion God Expansion


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Warped for millennia by the tormenting whispers of an evil parasite, the last great ruler of the Silver City would be unrecognizable to their subjects if any were alive to see them today. Lacking the faintest glimmer of its former glory, the Lion God stalks the dead streets of its once-bustling kingdom in a mindless rage. Anything that comes within reach of its filthy, petrified claws is eaten or destroyed. 

Use the maze-like terrain to your advantage, as the Lion God is fearsome and difficult to engage directly. If you manage to survive one of its brutal attacks, it might be wiser to play dead than to expose yourself to another attack.

This expansion is designed to be added to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. It includes:

  • Lion God sprues (includes survivor gear and the Lion God Monster)
  • 9x Gear cards
  • 32x Lion God AI cards
  • 20x Lion God HL cards
  • 5x Strange Resource cards
  • 8x Lion God Hunt Events cards
  • 2x Terrain cards
  • 5x Terrain tiles
  • 4x Disorder cards
  • 4x Fighting Art cards
  • 1x Secret Fighting Art card
  • 1x Innovation card
  • 2x Lion God card dividers