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Gorm Expansion
Gorm Expansion
Gorm Expansion
Gorm Expansion
Gorm Expansion
Gorm Expansion

Gorm Expansion

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The Gorm travel enormous distances in their life cycles, shaping the landscapes with their enormous appetites and extreme bodily functions. Young Gorm roam the darkness devouring anything that moves (and many things that don't). During their mating season, older Gorm produces storms of incredible destruction. Ancient Gorm that have lived hundreds of lantern years will make a final solitary march to the fabled gormyards to die. The Gorm is a volatile quarry, but the complexities of its anatomy can unlock powerful tools for the settlement. 

This expansion is designed to be added to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. It includes:

  • Gorm sprues (includes survivor gear, Pinup Regeneration Suit, and the Gorm Monster)
  • 55x Gear cards
  • 26x Gorm AI cards
  • 20x Gorm HL cards
  • 21x Gorm Resources cards
  • 4x Strange Resource cards
  • 7x Gorm Hunt Event cards
  • 2x Disorder cards
  • 2x Fighting Art cards
  • 1x Secret Fighting Art card
  • 1x Armor Set Bonus card
  • 4x Innovation cards
  • 1x Settlement Event card
  • 2x Gorm Settlement Locations
  • 2x Gorm card dividers
Gorm Expansion
Gorm Expansion
Gorm Expansion
Gorm Expansion