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Collector's Edition, Limit 2 per customer. 

The Gladiator continues the result of a collaboration between Adam & Lokman, exploring some well established tropes in fantasy art. Originally intended as a small line of Generic Hero Classes, the results were so compelling and un-generic, each hero's appearance told so many exciting stories that we wanted to integrate them into the KD world but so far nothing concrete has emerged. 

Tricked into taking human form by a sly-talking adventurer, the queen of demons must defeat ten thousand worthy opponents to regain her true form. In her quest, she found an ardent purpose. Drunk on the adoration of her admirers and mounting riches, the Gladiator rose to undefeated infamy in the gleaming arena. It is with a strange sadness that she faces down the last hundred opponents. Her appearances grow rarer as she scours the crowds of contenders for a unique challenge to close her mortal life.


Art: Lokman Lam
Sculpture: Jacques-Alexandre Gillois 


The First Run Collector's Edition, enclosed in a hand-stamped kraft box and limited to 500, includes:

  • 1 x Resin Gladiator
  • 1 x Hard Plastic Kingdom Death 30mm round base & unique resin insert
  • Hand numbered and signed authenticity note
  • Large matte print of the original concept artwork on heavy card stock
  • Character art card