Echoes of Death

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Distant, familiar memories, echoes of heroic melodies shape the survivors.

Echoes of Death includes 4 unique survivors represent memories from another world. These memories can be unlocked by reaching unique milestones in the story of your campaign.

This set includes prototypes of Strain System mechanics. Add your Strain Cards to your game, if you reach their unique milestone conditions, your gameplay changes forever by adding new fighting arts to your game.

Art: Lokman Lam
Sculpture: Kieran McKay


The Echoes of Death custom box includes:

  • 1 x Thief Survivor
  • 1 x Mage Survivor
  • 1 x Necromancer Survivor
  • 1 x Fighter Survivor
  • 4 x Hard plastic 30mm base and insert
  • 4 x Large matte print of the original concept artwork on heavy card stock
  • 1 x prototype Strain Card rules sheet for adding to your campaign
  • 4 x Strain Cards
  • 4 x Strain Fighting Arts