54mm Twilight Knight Pinup


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Presenting the Twilight Knight Pinup at a larger and more glorious scale! It was amazing to receive the masters and see how beautiful Troy's model is, scaled to nearly double the original size. To celebrate the release we prepared brand new piece of pinup artwork, depicting our sexy Twilight Knight heroine.

Artwork by Lokman Lam.
The miniature was sculpted in digitally by Jon-Troy Nickel.

Twilight Knight Pinup Project Page Updated with more photos

The Kingdom Death Pinup Collection is a series of playfully re-imagined sculpts of the Kingdom Death character classes.

Packaged in a hand-stamped brown kraft box that includes:
  • High quality 54mm scale resin miniature
  • Brand new piece of artwork printed on 6"x4" matte heavy cardstock
  • Smaller Art Insert with hand cut corners
  • Round 40mm Slotted Base
Resin base shown in photos NOT included. (it's just a prototype )

The 54mm Twilight Pinup is a general release.
She will always restocked and available for purchase.