Sci-Fi Savior

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Encore Edition: Limit 2 per customer.

In celebration of an energizing Gen Con, we're offering the Sci-Fi Savior for a limited time to those who couldn't make the show.

The Sci-Fi Saviors project their presences from the SS Dreaming as it crests the event horizon of a black hole. The crew of the massive exploration vessel have found a way to psychically escape their inevitable doom, imbuing their projections with strange power.

Art: Yasmine Putri
Sculpture: Jonah Gilbert

The Encore Edition is packaged in a hand-stamped kraft box and includes:

  • Resin Sci-Fi Savior 
  • Alternate head with headphones
  • Resin scenic base
  • Hard Plastic Kingdom Death 30mm round base
  • Large matte art print
  • Character art card