Manhunter Expansion


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Hailing from a far away city, the Manhunter is a sadistic killer. It brutally executes survivors, cowing settlements into willingly submitting people to it. No one knows why is abducts survivors, or what they're used for, only that once taken, they are never seen again. Settlements will have to choose: take up arms against their fellow man, or accept the blood tax.

The Manhunter is a brutal foe, preferring to break enemies' bodies before ending their lives. If it can be defeated, the scarred survivors will benefit from the monster's invaluable hunting tools. If not, the settlement can submit to its will and trade their kin for resources.

This expansion is designed to be added to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. It includes:

  • Manhunter sprues (includes survivor gear and the Manhunter Monster)
  • 5x Rare Gear cards
  • 25x Manhunter AI cards
  • 28x Manhunter HL cards
  • 5x Strange Resource cards
  • 4x Fighting Art cards
  • 1x Secret Fighting Art card
  • 3x Innovation cards
  • 2x Manhunter card dividers