Dung Beetle Expansion


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Resourceful and hungry, this cunning species has evolved a knight's shape to fool booth predators and prey. It rolls a massive resin ball formed from spit used to collect rare feces for its meals.

The Dung Beetle Knight is an extremely difficult foe. You will find that a little preparation goes a long way. The Rumbling in the Dark innovation will offer your settlement the opportunity to train before they face the Dung Beetle Knight. This is an opportunity that should not be missed. 

This expansion is designed to be added to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. It includes:

  • Dung Beetle Knight sprues (includes survivor gear, Resin Dung Ball, and the Dung Beetle Knight Monster)
  • 34x Gear Cards
  • 41x Dung Beetle Knight AI cards
  • 24x Dung Beetle Knight HL cards
  • 11x Dung Beetle Knight Resource cards
  • 5x Strange Resource cards
  • 7x Dung Beetle Knight Hunt Event cards
  • 1x Terrain card
  • 2x Disorder cards
  • 2x Fighting Art cards
  • 1x Secret Fighting Art card
  • 1x Armor Set Bonus
  • 3x Tactics cards
  • 2x Innovation cards
  • 1x Dung Beetle Knight Settlement Location
  • 2x Dung Beetle Knight card dividers