Armor Kit Bundle

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When Adam set out to make a set of survivor bits that were all interchangeable he had no idea what kind of undertaking that would be. Representing the massive collection of gear that can be crafted in Kingdom Death: Monster these sprues can be combined endlessly to create new configurations representing beloved survivors that have lived (and likely died) in Kingdom Death.

For just a hint of this bundle's versatility, check out all the winning survivors and impressive entries from our recent Armor Kit Painting Contest.

This boxed set includes:

  • 11 x Hard Plastic Armor Kits (18 total sprues!)
Rawhide Armor
White Lion Armor
Screaming Fur Armor
Phoenix Armor
Leather Armor
Lantern Armor
Sunstalker Armor
Gorm Armor
Dragon King Armor 
Spider Silk Armor
  • 10 x Hard plastic Kingdom Death 30mm inserts and bases