Pinup Warrior of the Sun

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This pinup is a playful interpretation of the Warriors of the Sun. This hard plastic release includes the Prismatic Lantern promotional gear card for use in Kingdom Death: Monster.

Art : Lokman Lam
Sculpture : Jonah Gilbert and Bogdan Gabelko

Presented in a litho-wrapped matte white box, the Pinup Warrior of the Sun includes:

  • Hard plastic Pinup Warrior of the Sun
  • Kingdom Death 30mm scenic base 
  • Matte Art Print
  • Prismatic Lantern promo gear card for use in Monster

Promo cards are intended as light-hearted content that is created for fun and should not be taken seriously in the context of Monster. Promos are not considered official additions to the rules and players should add them at the discretion of each player group.