Flower Knight Expansion


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This enigmatic knight is the source of many tales and the muse of many pieces of art. Its ethereal beauty is hard to capture and its swordplay is unmatchable. The Flower Knight expansion provides a new challenge for daring survivors. The monster rewards luck and punishes survivors who try to gang up on it. Its rewards explore the themes of addiction and short-term gain coupled with long-term losses.

This expansion is designed to be added to the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. It contains:

  • Flower Knight sprues (includes survivor gear and the Flower Knight Monster)
  • 23x Gear cards
  • 30x Flower Knight AI cards
  • 18x Flower Knight HL cards
  • 14x Flower Knight Resource cards
  • 9x Flower Knight Hunt Event cards
  • 1x Special Hunt Event card
  • 1x Terrain card
  • 4x Terrain tiles
  • 4x Fair Ring sections
  • 3x Disorder cards
  • 1x Fighting Art card
  • 3x Secret Fighting Art cards
  • 3x Tactics cards
  • 1x Innovation card
  • 2x Flower Knight card dividers