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February 2016 - Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish you all the best of luck on your intimacy rolls today! Here are 5 new resin releases that we are super stoked to share.

Campaign Perk
At the very last minute, I decided to take the lovely artwork Lokman created for our Valentine's Day sale, and create a 'campaign perk' card! The rules listed above are indeed official, please enjoy responsibly.

Black Knight & Squires
They say if you take a lantern that never lit down the trail of corpses and past the whispering stars you will find an ancient figure atop a crest of determined faces. Treasured by a hidden cult of loyal squires, the figure will awaken for only the most honorable of challengers. 

The Black Knight has quickly become an office favorite and I had to wrestle the stock away from everyone so I could put up our sale! The Male Squire and Female Squireboth sport some pretty inspired footwear, make sure to check it out.

Great Game Hunter Rogue - Female
The Female Rogue has that right combination of high detail and flowing fabric that make it look really fun to paint. 

Pinup Apotheosis
Inspired by the dreamy illustrations of the art nouveau era. The Pinup Apotheosiswas sculpted by master Jacques-Alexandre Gillois.

Unburied Stock!
Some disorganization lead to a few treasures being buried deep in our warehouse. As we have been re-organizing and smoothing out operations for 2016, we found a hidden cache of Resin Adult Sunstalkers and the missing run of Distracted!

Valentines Day Sale Encores



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